A red pencil is traditionally used by editors to improve written content. Consider my red pencil as the newest tool in your business or creative toolbox.


Writing and editing

I have 25 years of writing and editing experience that includes more than a decade writing proposals, presentations, and other strategic communications. I've worked on blogs, websites, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, brochures, manuscripts, and countless other projects. 

Training, coaching, and consulting

I have spent more than 8 years of my career focused on team training and development. I have made my reputation by providing thoughtful, tactful, constructive, and customized feedback that fits each person and each situation. Essentially, I can work with you to make it better... without pissing you off. 

Pursuit management

I spent more than a decade focused on winning work for a Big Four firm. I can help you plan and execute your pursuit efforts to focus more strategically on the needs of your audience, direct and strengthen your messaging, and ultimately differentiate your business from the competition. 


Your deliverable, better

Isn’t it worth making sure your work products are clear, compelling, and error-free?

You’re an expert in your field. You’ve got stellar ideas. When you present them to your clients in document form, you want those ideas to shine through.

Don’t let typos or clumsy writing cast a shadow over the quality of your work. Let me help you make your deliverable better.


"Heather is an empowering educator, strategist, and writing coach. She uses her years of experience to get teams to focus on what matters and empowers them to create compelling client-focused content that wins new work."

“Heather Reagan is a truly superior performer... not only is she excellent herself, she is the cause of excellence in other people.”


Red Pencil LLC – Heather Reagan

Denver, Colorado

Add me to your toolbox.