Helping you be more strategic and make the connections that matter. 

Helping people reach the next level — whether with a presentation, an idea, a relationship, or a team dynamic — is what I like best. I have spent many years of my professional career focused on team training and development. I have made my reputation by providing thoughtful, tactful, constructive, and customized feedback that fits each person and each situation. Essentially, I can work with you to make it better... without pissing you off. 

Are you focused on running a more strategic, effective, and efficient pursuit process that helps you win? Do you want to make a better impression in your next client encounter, asking questions and gaining commitment that helps you move your relationship forward? Are you struggling to connect with and inspire your team? Do you want to create a presentation that truly connects with your audience? Whatever your situation, I’m happy to talk with you about how I may be able to help. 


How I can help

Pursuit strategy
and execution

Team development

Presentation prep

Meeting prep

Interview prep

Personal branding consulting
(resume, cover letters, LinkedIn)

Custom training
fit to your team's needs 

One-on-one coaching

Ad hoc advice


Heather is an empowering educator, strategist, and writing coach. She uses her years of experience to get teams to focus on what matters and empowers them to create compelling client-focused content that wins new work.
— Bridget Thomas, West Region CaPS Leader, EY
[Heather] manages to drive projects and achieve excellence with a distinct thoughtfulness and awareness of others on the team.
— Danielle Leida, Communications and Pursuits Strategist, EY

She has a wonderful demeanor that allows her to push teams when needed and encourage those that need encouraging, helping everyone get to the finish line with the best product possible.
— Charlene Ho, West Region Business Development Operations Leader, EY