Helping you create more compelling, clear, and strategic communications. 

Whether you're starting with a blank page or you need help refining existing content, I can help. I have 25 years of writing and editing experience that includes more than a decade writing proposals, presentations, and other strategic communications. I've written or ghostwritten more than 100 blogs for clients' websites, and edited or rewritten dozens of blogs written by others. I've also helped several clients to rethink and revise their website copy. I also write my own blogs, including one focused largely on improving your writing and presentation skills.

Writing and editing assistance comes in countless shapes and sizes. Do you need blogs written that showcase your business or your ideas? Do you need to develop more strategic website copy — copy that engages customers, inspires confidence, and incites action? Do you need to create a compelling presentation that gets people to listen? Do you need help polishing up your deliverable so that it really shines? Do you simply want help writing more effective, compelling emails? Whatever your need, I'll tailor my assistance to fit your needs and budget. 


How I can help

Blog writing

Copy writing
(print or web)



Copy editing

Line editing
(technical or content development)

(including RFP responses)

Presentations and
meeting documents

Press releases

Email communications

Newsletters and brochures

Resumes, cover letters, and
LinkedIn profiles


Anyone who has worked with her knows that they are going to be proud of the work they’ve created with Heather’s guidance.
— Bridget Thomas, West Region CaPS Leader, EY
She helped me find an authentic voice that is concise yet impactful, enabling me to better market my services.
— Melanie Kinser, PhD, Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant, ThinkWyn

I have always styled myself as a pretty fair writer for an engineer, but Heather’s careful, thorough, thoughtful and always respectful editing made an acceptable text exceptional.
— Douglas M. Yadon (PE, GE, PG, CEG), Senior Consultant, Geotechnical Engineering, Rocky Mountain Area Water Business Unit, AECOM
I often had Heather review department and client communications to help me with my strategy and approach because she had a keen eye for the right approach, tone and understanding the audience.
— Charlene Ho, West Region Business Development Operations Leader, EY