"Heather was our most requested, most respected, and most loved teammate." 

Heather is not only one of my favorite employees of all time, but also one of my favorite people of all time. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Heather since 2006. She was an instrumental member, and eventual leader, of my pursuits team at EY. There is no one on the planet that when there is a tough pursuit with tight timelines, high-stakes, frazzled nerves, and strained team members that you want on your team more than Heather. She is an in-the-foxhole leader. She brings calmness, professionalism, and expertise in a way that brings order to chaos. Heather was our most requested, most respected, and most loved teammate. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

— Tim Teagle, Principal and West Region Business Development Leader, EY

“Anyone who has worked with her knows that they are going to be proud of the work they’ve created with Heather’s guidance.”

Heather hired me to replace her at EY and her coaching was invaluable to me. In just 30 days, I went from terrified of the job I was about to take on, to confident that I would be successful in my new role. What was most helpful to me was Heather’s ability to distill complex processes into manageable pieces of information.

Heather is a talented writing and strategy coach. Anyone who has worked with her knows that they are going to be proud of the work they’ve created with Heather’s guidance. Equally important, Heather uses powerful feedback to empower her clients to tackle their biggest challenges. Her genuine warmth and professionalism moves processes from being daunting to enjoyable.

— Bridget Thomas, West Region CaPS Leader, EY

"She was our secret (but polite) weapon in taking editorial content to the next level."

Heather was a contributing writer and editor for RE:UP Magazine, an art and music print publication focusing on DJ culture and forward thinking graphic design, from 2003-2009. In her own articles she succinctly and effortlessly shared the joy of her discovery, whether it was an interview with an up-and-coming singer/songwriter or a review of a nifty piece of art or product. On the editorial side, Heather maintained a gymnast's balance of keeping the writer focused and aligned with the RE:UP flow while maintaining the writer's voice. In the face of looming deadlines, she wasn't afraid to push the writers (including me) a bit out of their comfort zone to get the best creative ideas across while not stripping style (unless absolutely necessary, of course). All this was done with the "As Ever Miss Heather" can-do attitude and cherry on top; she was our secret (but polite) weapon in taking RE:UP editorial content to the next level. 

— Beau LaMontagne, Former Editor-in-Chief, RE:UP Magazine

“Knowledgeable, focused, and good at what she does.”

Heather Reagan was my supervisor, mentor and counselor in the West Region Communication and Pursuits Strategist (CaPS) group at EY over the last year. Throughout our time working together, Heather was an exceptional team leader. She was always available to answer questions, pitch-in on a project or proofread at a moment’s notice. She is not only knowledgeable, focused and good at what she does, but she also manages to drive projects and achieve excellence with a distinct thoughtfulness and awareness of others on the team. I enjoyed working with her and recommend her to anyone looking for a true professional. 

— Danielle Leida, Communications and Pursuits Strategist, EY

"The priceless bonus in working with Heather is that she cares, about her clients and teammates and peers." 

I had the incredible great fortune to work with Heather on a variety of projects during the time she was at AECOM. The very first time I met Heather the first thing she did was ask about my role, responsibilities, and most importantly, my needs at AECOM. But she didn’t stop there. The more we began to work together, Heather saw how she could help me (and in the process help our clients) in ways that I had not even conceived.  I have always styled myself as a pretty fair writer for an engineer, but Heather’s careful, thorough, thoughtful, and always respectful editing made an acceptable text exceptional. Heather’s outstanding organizational skills, team ethic, and calm under fire were demonstrated many times, but never more so than leading the production of a design report and construction documents for a multi-million dollar, critical dam safety project under an impossibly demanding schedule. Her leadership on that effort was indispensable (a word I very seldom use).

Heather has all of the experience and skills to truly serve the needs of her clients in her new venture at Red Pencil. But those are to be expected. The priceless bonus in working with Heather is that she cares, about her clients and teammates and peers. Their success is Heather’s motivation. I cannot recommend Heather Reagan to you highly enough.

— Douglas M. Yadon (PE, GE, PG, CEG), Senior Consultant, Geotechnical Engineering, Rocky Mountain Area Water Business Unit, AECOM

"Brings a unique blend of truly creative thinking with business edge."

Heather brings a unique blend of truly creative thinking with business edge. She understands my business strategy and my clients' needs and uses her masterful red pencil to add some life to my communications. She helped me find an authentic voice that is concise yet impactful, enabling me to better market my services.

Melanie Kinser, PhD, Leadership and Organizational Development Consultant, ThinkWyn

“Brings a supportive, can-do confidence to her work.”

“Fully engaged, strategic in her thinking, and usually one step ahead of everyone else, anticipating problems and finding creative solutions.”

Heather Reagan is a truly superior performer. She is the model of what a Communications & Pursuit Strategist should be; not only is she excellent herself, she is the cause of excellence in other people. I do not believe that anyone, at any level within the firm, has ever done the job better than she does it.

Heather regularly handles the most demanding and high-profile pursuits. Not only has she been a writer and project manager, but she has also set the tone and much of the strategy, ensuring that they are completed efficiently yet with the sharpest attention to detail. Partners and sales executives are unanimous in their praise.

When describing Heather and her work, one quickly runs out of superlatives. She establishes a mood of a cheerful calm on even the most stressful and intense projects. She exudes competence, and her teams quickly come to trust and rely upon her. She is fully engaged, strategic in her thinking, and usually one step ahead of everyone else, anticipating problems and finding creative solutions.

Heather’s sunny attitude, diplomatic skills when dealing with challenging timelines and difficult personalities, and problem-solving orientation all play an important part in her success. No one is more responsible. No one is more patient or pleasant to work with. No one does it better. 

— Bill Danielson, CaPS Senior Editor, EY

"She dedicated her time and coaching to make me look good." 

"I'm happiest in my work when I'm helping to make other people look good." I read this statement on Heather's profile and I felt it was important to share my experience of working with Heather for others who are looking to engage her. Heather walks the talk. She dedicated her time and coaching to make me look good. She is an incredible writer. Anyone looking to work with her will get an amazing end product, and will benefit from her coaching and experience in professional writing. She taught me a great deal and thanks to Heather and her expertise, I am now able to produce documents that without her guidance would have been an impossible task. 

— Kate Hill, SeaPort Business Development Leader, EY

I had the pleasure of working with Heather for the better part of five years in West Region Business Development with EY. Heather epitomizes the word professional, which to me is about being committed, responsible, working with a sense of urgency to deliver at the highest level of quality, both for our clients and our internal constituents.

Heather and I had a great working relationship, finding opportunities to team at the highest level and support each other during challenging projects. 

Heather brings a supportive, can-do confidence to her work... I recommend her to anyone who is looking to work with the best!

— Michael Pedrotti, International Tax Services Business Development Leader, EY

“One of the most talented and unique leaders I have ever worked with.”

Heather is one of the most talented and unique leaders I have ever worked with. She leads by example and is transparent with the team, making us feel like we’re all on the same level and equally strong. Our Pursuits team at EY was stronger and more united because of Heather. She constantly challenged us and provided us with constructive feedback that helped us grow and produce high-quality work.

The Business Development team at EY misses Heather dearly. It is rare to find someone who leads with so much love, patience, and kindness in a business setting. If more business leaders followed Heather’s example, teams worldwide would see a rise in productivity and quality work. Though we miss Heather, we find peace in knowing that she’s now available to help other teams become as strong as ours! Thank you, Heather!

— Estefany Zendejas, Communications and Pursuits Strategist, EY

"Heather builds high trust with the individuals she works with."

I’ve had the privilege of working with Heather for over a decade. In that time, I have not only watched but experienced Heather’s professionalism, project management and communication talents. For a creative person, Heather also drives a rigorous project management process. She was often specifically requested by teams because of her ability to consistently deliver. She has a wonderful demeanor that allows her to push teams when needed and encourage those that need encouraging, helping everyone get to the finish line with the best product possible. Heather builds high trust with the individuals she works with. I often had Heather review department and client communications to help me with my strategy and approach because she had a keen eye for the right approach, tone and understanding the audience.  

Heather has also been a great advisor, serving as someone I could bounce problems and ideas off to think through innovative approaches. She is always focused on how we can do things better. Specifically, I worked with Heather on two occasions to improve the process for how we receive, process and fulfill requests for our pursuit teams. On each occasion, we were compelled to change our approach to meet the changing needs of the firm and our internal clients. She was excellent at thinking through the tactical actions needed; developing flow charts, brochures and communication plans; and driving the change management. When we decided years later that we needed to refresh, she was again eager and ready to step in to help. She came with proven ideas and solutions in mind.

To say Heather is reliable, a great writer, a good teammate, and a strong project manager doesn’t even begin to do justice to her. If you work with her on your smallest or largest project, you will experience the wonder that is Heather Reagan and maybe make a lifelong friend in the process.

— Charlene Ho, West Region Business Development Operations Leader, EY


"The project received an outstanding performance rating from the USACE." 

I was fortunate to work closely with Heather on several projects at AECOM. It was a very busy time, including high-profile and aggressive project schedules. I relied on Heather heavily to provide the technical support that I needed for all my projects.

Heather has a diverse and exemplary skillset that translates well to meet several project needs. She provided support and technical editing for large proposal efforts. Heather was also responsible for organizing and editing large engineering design reports. Heather truly cares about her projects, co-workers, and clients. This is demonstrated in her work ethic, attention to detail, and her team-first approach. She takes ownership of her work and is committed to project deadlines.

Heather is also a quick learner and extremely dedicated to project needs. One example is when she learned SpecsIntact, a technical specification interface used for United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) projects. Not only did she learn the system, but she also became proficient and was the lead technical editor for the engineering specifications on an aggressive multi-million-dollar dam safety project. As a result of Heather’s work, the project received an outstanding performance rating from the USACE.

I strongly recommend Heather for technical writing, editing, proposal preparation, and additional technical support for projects. She is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with Heather again on another project.

— Mark Graeser, PE
Principal Structural Engineer, Alden Research Laboratory
Former Senior Structural Engineer, Structural Engineering Group Leader for the West Region Water Business Line, AECOM

"If you have a chance to work with Heather, take it."

I have worked with Heather for a number of years and I can attest that her professionalism, quality and creativity are outstanding! She is proactive, meets her deadlines, and is a great manager and an exceptional writer. Heather and I worked on an opportunity last year with a large global client. The account team needed strategic messaging and a document that aligned with the company’s transactions objectives. Heather participated in the initial strategy session and overnight wrote an amazing draft of our strategy, firm differentiation and benefits to the client. Our team won a very large engagement that resulted in millions of dollars of new revenue. If you have a chance to work with Heather, take it. You will enjoy working with Heather both personally and professionally!

— Rich Holman, Bay Area Technology Business Development Leader, EY

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