It’s your best work. Are you certain that shines through?

You have an important deliverable you’re providing to your client. You want it reflect your absolute best efforts. You want it to be error-free and easy to understand, with clear explanations, thoughtful organization, and compelling recommendations. You want your good ideas to shine through.

Lucky for you, you’re an expert in your chosen profession, which means your ideas are indeed good ones. But you’re probably not an expert in communication, or in the ridiculously complex rules of the English language.

That’s where I come in. As a writer and editor with 25+ years of experience, I have an expert grasp on the rules of English and a strong understanding of what constitutes an effective communication. Even if you’ve always been confident about the quality of your writing, I can help you make it better.

When you work with me to make your deliverable better:

  • You’ll benefit from a fresh perspective on your work. Are you communicating your ideas clearly and effectively? Are there holes in your explanations? Do your ideas flow, or are there better ways to organize them? I can provide feedback and recommended solutions to help you ensure your great ideas are shining through.

  • You’ll have confidence that you’re delivering a product free of typos and usage errors. I’ll find and fix all errors related to grammar, punctuation, word choice, syntax, spelling (spell-check doesn’t catch everything), and so on.

  • You’ll know you’re putting your best foot forward. Again, you’re an expert in your area of focus. Don’t let clumsy writing, poorly chosen words, or a lack of proofreading cast a shadow over the quality of your work.

I have extensive experience reviewing and improving proposals, presentations, meeting documents, detailed reports, and other work products of many types. I have particularly deep experience in certain industries, such as professional services, including audit, tax, transaction, and advisory services; engineering and construction; software design and development, including user experience (UX) design; and not-for-profit.

If I don’t think I’m a good fit to help you improve your deliverable, I’ll let you know right away. I’m not interested in wasting your time or mine.


How I can help

You choose the level of help you’d like:

Copy editing
(LESS help)

Remove and remedy technical errors (grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling)

Ensure consistency in capitalization, numerals, fonts, and formatting

Flag ambiguous statements

Track internal consistency

Line editing
(MORE help)

All of the above, plus…

Clarifying, tightening, and enhancing ideas and messages

Improving pacing, transitions, and organization

Improving readability

Improving word choice and syntax

Improving data presentations

Fixing run-on sentences

Fixing redundancies


Anyone who has worked with her knows that they are going to be proud of the work they’ve created with Heather’s guidance.
— Bridget Thomas, West Region CaPS Leader, EY
I have always styled myself as a pretty fair writer for an engineer, but Heather’s careful, thorough, thoughtful and always respectful editing made an acceptable text exceptional.
— Douglas M. Yadon (PE, GE, PG, CEG), Senior Consultant, Geotechnical Engineering, Rocky Mountain Area Water Business Unit, AECOM

Heather has a diverse and exemplary skillset that translates well to meet several project needs. She provided support and technical editing for large proposal efforts. Heather was also responsible for organizing and editing large engineering design reports. I strongly recommend Heather for technical writing, editing, proposal preparation, and additional technical support for projects.
— Mark Graeser, PE; Principal Structural Engineer, Alden Research Laboratory; Former Senior Structural Engineer, Structural Engineering Group Leader for the West Region Water Business Line, AECOM