This video of a colorblind man seeing ALL THE COLORS for the first time

Am I sharing another video this week because I’m still @#!*# sick? Why yes. However, this video is genuinely one of the nicest things I’ve seen all week.

Granted, I also wrote a nice things blog about how “nice” Puffs Plus kleenexes with lotion are. But I’ll save that nonsense for another day, because I know that — having been nose-sore sick and semi-sleepless for a week and a half now — my current perspective on what constitutes “nice” may be a bit skewed. So I’m going with the video instead, because it’s a vastly more certain proposition.

In this video, a man who’s colorblind is surprised by his colleagues with a pair of special glasses. The glasses help him see colors for the very first time in his life.

As the man looks out at the landscape that surrounds him — a landscape that, if I’m honest, looks to the non-colorblind to be a fairly unexciting swath of various greens — he’s overwhelmed with feeling. He calls his wife to tell her what it’s like. He talks about how excited he is to see that wife in full-color for the first time.

If you listen only to the sound of the video, it sounds a little like a really good drug trip. Like he’s just taken ayahuasca or LSD or something and, as a result, his eyes are now forever opened to the beauty that surrounds him in his daily life. But nope… no drugs here. Only color, in all its splendid, multifaceted glory. Oh, and a supremely lovely gesture from some colleagues who clearly love this dude.

Those of us who aren’t colorblind tend to forget how beautiful color really is. This guy never will.

Anyway, it’s a beautiful moment for this man and the people he loves. (And yes, it’s OKAY to love your coworkers! Do it whenever possible, but in work-appropriate ways of course!) It can be a beautiful moment in your own day.