This behind-the-scenes video for Chili's baby back ribs theme song

I’m sick, folks. So this week, I’m going to borrow some inspiration from a friend.

Last week, my friend Liz blessed me severely by sharing this amazing video with me. It is what it says it is, but it’s also so much more. Please just watch.

I mean, they give it their absolute all, right? It’s an effing rib jingle. But they give it all they’ve got and it becomes a bona fide testimonial. Just watch those faces, those hand gestures, that absolute conviction that THESE RIBS ARE WORTH SINGING ABOUT. (Even if they’re not.) And that producer guy in the middle of the video, he knows they’ve nailed it — that thumbs up says everything.

Watching this video, I feel that thumbs up in my soul. Don’t you?