This Spotify playlist that skips you all the way to Sunday morning

It’s been a heckuva week, kids. Over here in Colorado we even had something called a “bomb cyclone.” And since “bomb cyclone” is also rather an apt summary for the present state of my brain, I’m ready for the weekend.

Specifically, I’m ready for that part of the weekend that’s all about lazing in bathrobes, nothing-doing, eating copious amounts of breakfast foods, and holding that utterly unnecessary Monday very much at bay: Sunday morning.

I’m clearly not alone in finding Sundays to be rather magical. People have been singing about it for ages. So, to help us all skip directly to Sunday morning, I put together a Spotify playlist with some of the best ones. There’s a lot of the obvious ones — some Johnny Cash, Velvet Underground, Commodores (I love you forever, Lionel, for realz), plus some you might not know from the Doors, Queen, the Small Faces, Oasis, and others.

I had to leave out some truly excellent Sunday songs that didn’t fit the mood — e.g., though I love me some old-school U2, I just can’t fathom inserting the semi-violent super-political likes of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” into your morning reverie — but there are still plenty of lazy, coffee-cocooned Sunday songs to go around. Also, I get that Lou Reed doesn’t actually say the word “Sunday” in “Perfect Day,” but you KNOW there’s a damn good chance he’s talking about a Sunday. Oh and I did indulge myself with two repeats, but I think you’ll forgive me.

Bomb cyclone be gone. It’s SUNDAY, y’all.