This amazing video in which Jack Black and Jimmy Fallon re-create "More Than Words"

O THE SINCERITY. It’s painful. It’s hilarious. It’s painfully hilarious. And the only thing to do is to watch it for yourself. This week’s nice thing is this undeniably amazing and ridiculously faithful frame-by-frame re-creation of ‘90s we’re-a-hair-band-but-also-waaaaay-more-sincere-than-that Extreme’s “More Than Words.” Feel that harmonizing invade the bottom-most depths of your own wholly sincere soul. And maybe sing along a little, because you know you want to and CAN YOU EVEN HELP IT?!?!?

I would even venture to say that Jack and Jimmy manage to be sincere in their insincerity.

That all said, we really must give due credence to the boys of Extreme, without whose extreme (hah!) 1990s-era sincerity Jack and Jimmy’s video wouldn’t and couldn’t exist. Check it out, if only so that you can marvel at the trouble Jack and Jimmy went to in their re-creation.